About the Company

After years of research and effort, KASPERSKIAN succeeded in bringing the sturgeon «home» to its heritage region, the Rhone valley. In Leuk – Susten (Switzerland), where Tolstoi and Chaplin once enjoyed caviar provided by the KASPERSKIAN sturgeon’s ancestors, we created a new habitat for this endangered species.

In the heart of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by famous skiing regions, KASPERSKIAN found the perfect location for its precious sturgeons. In the picturesque canton of Valais (Switzerland) our sturgeons are raised in the heart of the Alps. Pure waters, excellent food and the efforts of our top qualified experts are reflected in our caviar’s quality: KASPERSKIAN Caviar is 100% natural and pure, handcrafted with dedication.

At our headquarters in Susten, we offer the possibility to experience KASPERSKIAN «Caviar with Life» – LIVE. A large event room, splendid festivities combined with culinary pleasures make your visit at KASPERSKIAN unforgettable.



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