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that make Things Possible.

Farah Farazad


The founder and CEO of Farazad Productions LTD and BACK 2 BUSINESS Joint International Trade Networking. She has a remarkable business background and passion to drive business initiatives globally.

Ilmi Perez Stubbs

Creative Director

The Creative Director of Farazad Productions LTD. Anything creative & visual from the moving image, it’s me. From a traditional animation background to directing music videos. This is where the magic happens.

Doug McCarthy

Head of VR/CGI

The Head of VR/CGI, he is a professional 3D Designer who enjoys being part of, as well as leading a creative team. He is a Design Consultant at istituto Marangoni School of Design on the interior design programme

Randy Yip

Project Manager

Randy has been designing for over five years in user experience and digital design field. He specializes in web design and spends his free time working on isometric and animation projects. Basically, he is a slash in multimedia.

Crina Diculescu

Global Brand Manager

Crina Diculescu is a passionate networker, event promoter and Global Brand Manager for BACK 2 BUSINESS. She has an amazing ability to connect people and ideas across countries and cultures worldwide. She is driven to empower businesses.

Jarmila Chlopecka

Director of Business Development

Jarmila Chlopecka is a highly talented multi-lingual professional and Director of Business Development for Farazad Productions. She has a profound love of cultures and a unique ability to communicate with people from a diverse social background.


Human Resources

My name is Coco, I am a Maltese Terrier and I was born in Hungary on March 15th 2015. I was illegally trafficked to Turkey and that’s were my mummy and daddy rescued me and adopted me. They applied for my citizenship back into the EU, which was granted and I received a visa to the UK. I was not too happy with the flight arrangements, as I was put in a cage below deck with no service. But I was given love on arrival at the Animal immigration centre at Heathrow Airport.



I was adopted in a London Park by Coco. I am a Malchi, that’s half maltese and half chiwawa. You can say I have the yap of a chiwawa and needs of a maltese. I love to receive love, but only on my terms or I will bite, but don’t worry I have a 3 step warning mechanism before I bite, first I hiss, then growl then watch out I will get you.

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