Operations & Events Director

Middle East


Camilla Wilcox is an energetic and outgoing business professional with a powerful and influential charisma. Camilla has built her career through working in a variety of complex industries and enterprises. Camilla's experience of events coordination, management and planning has greatly benefited her; allowing her to develop a unique skill set of networking, versatile and multi functional abilities.





Camilla has fashioned her profession through solid work and professionalism, initially based as an events officer before rapidly growing into higher-level roles within the British Business Group based in Dubai where her work was aligned with promoting bilateral relations between the UAE and the UK, as well as being closely affiliated to the British Embassy, the UK Trade & Investment office and the UAE British Centre for Business. Following on from her work with these prestigious organisations, Camilla moved on, accepting an Operations Coordinator position with a large Dubai based firm where she had a wide range of diverse responsibilities.





Camilla has gained a wealth of experience from working with a variety of business and functions both in the UAE and globally. Her creativity in the development of visual presentations and marketing material has been used both internally and globally. Camilla has a proficiency to meet deadlines through all types of work under demanding roles. Camilla’s ability and drive thrives in the accomplishment and responsibility for the implementation and successful launching of a new ventures across the region.


Camilla has a passion for social roles and interacting with people of all backgrounds, her charismatic and professional persona creates a positive vibe amongst all who surround her. Camilla's passion and knowledge for different cultures physically energises a desire for life experiences which she embraces exclusively.





Away from her professional life, Camilla is a highly competitive sportswoman, who readily admits that winning is her main passion and driver. Caring and popular, Camilla ensures that she is always at the centre of everything, always looking out for those around her - a trait that has allowed her to excel in both her personal and professional lives.





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